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Welcome to the WTCC Computer Club (WT4C) page!

The WT4C is an organization for students seeking degrees or certificates in the CIS cirriculum. WT4C is comprised of students who are interested in the technology field and want to supplement what is learned in a classroom environment. We also welcome computer users and enthusiasts from other fields of study.

Membership in WT4C is fun and exciting! Club members go on field trips and attend lectures given by industry professionals. They also have the opportunity to participate in peer mentoring, community outreach and campus events while making new friends and being a part of the WTCC community.

Benefits of belonging to WT4C include the opportunity to apply learned knowledge in a supportive setting, learning more about your chosen career path in the technology field and about yourself - all the while getting a sense of satisfaction found in helping others through the Technical/Design Support Services and our online peer mentoring/tutoring program.

Active club members will also get the opportunity to have their own personal information page posted here on the WT4C site!

Interested in becoming a WT4C member?

You can join the club by submitting a completed information sheet to any club advisor or officer; by leaving a completed sheet in the manila envelope found on the upstairs bulletin board in LeMay Hall; and by bringing a completed sheet to any club meeting. Membership requirements are minimal, and your level of involvement in the club and it's programs is up to you.

From all of us in the WT4C, we look forward to meeting you!

Audi and Stephen at the 2003-04 Facts'n'Snacks



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